Welcome to my website! I am Ernst-Jan de Bruijn, an economist specializing in the fields of behavioral economics, labor economics, health economics, and economic psychology. My mission is to fight poverty and problematic debts through the combined power of scientific research and education. The core themes that drive my work are as follows:

Gaining insight into the causes and consequences of poverty and problematic debts: My research seeks to shed light on the intricate causes, far-reaching consequences, and underlying dynamics of poverty and problematic debts. 

Evaluating the impact of social policies: My research extends to evaluating the effectiveness of social policies designed to alleviate poverty and problematic debts. I strive to provide evidence-based insights into policy implementation and its real-world impact.

Advancing scientific inquiry into poverty and problematic debts in the Netherlands: Through my research, I aim to advance the frontiers of scientific research in the Netherlands, specifically in the field of poverty and problematic debts. Additionally, I aim to contribute to the development of evidence-informed solutions tailored to the Dutch context.

Currently, I hold the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics at Leiden University. I obtained my PhD in Economics from Wageningen University. My CV is available here.

Feel free to explore the resources available on this website, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any inquiries.


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    September 4 2023 – Ernst-Jan de Bruijn

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